Why No Haggle Car Pricing Should Be For You

For a lot of customers, negotiating and haggling the price of the product of their choice is the first step towards buying it. It doesn’t matter if they are at a clothing store, departmental store or a car showroom altogether, buying without negotiating is like a guitar without cords for them.

The other side of the coin has non-hagglers or the people who suck at price negotiations. These customers also make a comparison but that happens while comparing the specifications of products with most other businesses. A price negotiation brings in stress for them!

For the past few years, a large number of no-haggle car dealers such as Auto Universe have grown around Memphis and are very much approached by the customers. The most common reasons cited by the customers include saving time and energy by not getting involved in an agonizing pricing debate. Our customers exactly know what they are going to pay and get the best deal for their money.

No-haggle purchase has ensured the buyers that they are not pulled into a bait-and-switch scheme. This is because the price quotation that they receive is linked to one of our pre-owned vehicles. Another reason why no-haggle buying is preferred by buyers is that it makes their car-buying experience a pleasant and easy one. Receiving our customers’ loyalty and giving them satisfaction with their purchase is our utmost priority and we are happy to have achieved that so far.


Flat-rate and one-time pricing has been the trend of the automobile industry for a long time now. Many companies have practiced this scheme in the past such as Toyota luring its customers into its Scion model at no-haggle pricing. The most recent example of the same is Elon Musk run Tesla Motors allowing its customers to pre-book the luxurious electric cars at no-haggle prices.

The other non-vehicle manufacturers have also adopted the same selling policy. The most common example of the same is services like the Edmund.com Price Promise, TrueCar, and the U.S. News Best Price Program that make use of the Internet to send you photos and price quotations of your chosen pre-owned car. Not only that, even banks and credit unions, stores like Costco, and member organizations like AAA offer no-haggle price programs to their customers. All you need to do is visit their portal and enter the model and option of your wish, you will get their price quotations almost instantly. Just decide the model of your choice, print a certificate and take it to the dealer where you take a test drive and finalize your purchase.
We, at Auto Universe, offer an efficient sales team that possesses high expertise in the car buying domain and can help you in purchasing the perfect pre-owned vehicle for you.


Of course! The biggest plus of this program is the guaranteed price for a specific car. Even if the slightest of doubts cloud your mind, simply enter the details of the pre-owned vehicle you are keen to buy in Internet, look for the car buying guides for you to consult and get a clear idea of the price. It’s that easy!
One key point of consideration here is that price should never be the ultimate deciding factor especially when buying from a dealership. It is possible that the quotation of a pre-owned vehicle differs at two dealerships. Make a complete study of what added features a dealership provides for the higher price and ultimately make a wise purchase. Our haggle-free program offers warranty over the cars thus justifying the extra dollars, if any.

To sum it all up, if you are a purchaser who loves debating over the price of products, no-haggle program might or might not be a good option for you. But for someone who is in for a pleasant purchase without seeking any hoops and hassles on buying a pre-owned car, no-haggle buying is the way to go! Our personalized aid on the same will also help you in making the right decision for yourself.


The haggle-free purchase program is as simple as buying a new car. Before driving away with your new pre-owned vehicle, our finance team will make you sign the contract and ensure that your vehicle is ready to roll. We’ll also help you in reviewing your sales contract thoroughly and explain any charges or taxes that are difficult to understand. We’ll also help you with the additional items and customizations such as an extended warranty, anti-theft devices, prepaid service plans or fabric protection for your pre-owned vehicle.

We feel fortunate and proud that our haggle-free program has been extremely satisfying for our customers. Right from price protection guarantee, unlimited car washes for 60 days after purchase to our dealership to purchase your vehicle whether you buy a vehicle from us or not, our existing customers have appreciated it all. We’re not an unknown online firm; we’re a family-owned dealership that has been doing business in Memphis for over 25 years. We invite you to join our family of satisfied customers and visit our used car sales lot to find the right pre-owned vehicles that will fit your financial budget.