How to Bring The Luster Back to Your Pre-Owned Lexus in 2019

Grand wheels and Americans are so synonymous to each other. We like our cars shiny and sans a speck of dust. While cleanliness is next to god as the wise often eloquently state, irony has it that our vehicles feel shabby over a day of use. And, that constant self-badgering: “Oh my Lexus looks dirty” often puts any sane mind in an acute quandary. Of course, spending hard-earned dollars on the washing process could be a tedious realism making self-dependence seem the best sort of method to culminate the “cleaning turmoil.”

Decisions made, you walk toward, your gaze fixed on that beast of a machine that dominates the facade. Lexus is a beautiful vehicle, and yes, it costs a bounty and keeping it clean it just as laborious. Often, we come across situations where something as simple as giving a ride to a peer becomes more of an impossible task, courtesy the foul stench that nearly stifles all. Nip the evil in the bud as one would say, the time is now. Let’s be the “David” and rest the “Goliath” and make your Lexus heaven to be in. There are some tips though to get it all cleaned up in a jiffy.


So polluted is the air around is laden with contaminants that could easily harm the smooth chassis of your Lexus, and at times even damage the paint job. However, a wash once a week could do wonders. The primary observation is never, and we say again, never to use harsh detergents on that smooth surface. Prefer the specially-designed cleaning shampoos or something similar, and make sure the car is parked in the shade when washed. In case you do decide to be under the sun, be wary of the fact that the quick-evaporating water could result in a spotty finish that nobody desires. Well, unless you bake the vehicle in the wild West!

Prefer soft cloth and a sponge and go for the ideal method of starting from the wheels and moving toward the top of your Lexus. Gentle scrubbing of the tires could take most of the stubborn dust away. Wipe the windshield glass with a crumpled newspaper for that extra shine. And, of course, don’t miss that layer of cleaning wax every once in a while, it could do wonders.


The cabin is where the most luxury sets in and this is the area of your Lexus you want clean and fresh. An ideal Lexus cabin should look neat and smell neat, with a sense of belongingness that spreads through. Clear out the trash and use a car vacuum cleaner to sniff out those pet hairs and crumbs of bread you enjoyed during your previous trip. Clean those rubber mats and rinse with soapy water but make sure to dry before placing them back evenly. A dashboard cleaner would give a beautiful finish but use in moderation since nobody would appreciate a gooey, overly-shiny dashboard on a Lexus. Go slow and steady, and the results would stand out. A bit of rush could spoil it all. Use a damp cloth to clean the remaining of the inside, the doors and underneath the steering wheel.

And Voila! That’s an outstanding job done indeed. Good work. Lexus is an expression of a perfect human creation; let ’s keep it that way… premium as ever!