Drive Your Pre-owned Luxury Car in Memphis TN Safely in 2020

Pre Owned Luxury Car in Memphis TN

Whether you are a new or an experienced driver, safe driving should be top of your concern when driving your affordable luxury car in Memphis TN. Unsafe driving endangers not only your life but also other lives on the road. Though the United States recorded the lowest accident fatality rate since 2008, several accidents continue to take place. So, every driver must practice safe driving behaviors to prevent accidents. Here are some safe driving tips for 2020 to reach your destination unharmed.

1. Safety checks

Performing safety checks before driving is a sign of a good driver. While you may not achieve them daily, check them at least once a month. Make sure to make the following checks before turning the wheel.

Rearview mirrors: Adjust both interior and exterior mirrors before igniting the vehicle to reduce blind spots. Make sure to adjust exterior mirrors outward so that it slightly overlaps the interior rearview mirror.

Low beam headlights: Ensure that you have low beam headlight when it is raining or visibility is low.

Tire pressure: Take a reading and maintain recommended maximum tire pressure.

Leaks and loose: Have a quick look under the vehicle to ensure that there is no leak or free objects.

Check the working of turn signals also.

2. Avoid Distractions

Put your phone away while driving. Safe driving requires manual, visual, and cognitive attention. But texting while driving distracts all three making your mind and eyes off the road and hands off the wheel.

3. Obey the speed limit

Driving above the speed limit can lead to fatal results. Drive within the speed limit, even if you have an open road ahead.

4. Avoid No-Zone

The drivers driving large vehicles (buses and trucks) are unable to see specific areas close to them due to their raised positions. Also, these vehicles have blind spots (No-Zone) in front of them. So, ensure that you can see the entire front of the vehicle in your rearview mirror while passing them.

5. Consider other drivers

It is essential to keep a check on other drivers because we share the road with a lot of people. Someone may crash into you despite following all traffic rules. So be prepared for immediate turns and stops, tailgating, and deflecting when required.

6. Maintain a safe distance from the front vehicle: Avoid tailgating the front vehicle, especially during bad weather, as you are unaware of the driver’s attention. Driving too close will not give you enough time to respond to the actions of another vehicle.

7. Take precautions in bad weather: Consider driving below the speed limit during dicey weather. Also, be attentive around curves and turns. Clean your windshield correctly, and if visibility worsens, consider waiting at safe places.

In all, you must follow all traffic signals and avoid driving under any influence.