Car Talk: What is a Trim Level?

In today’s automobile world, vehicles come with a lot of specifications and variations. Every car buyer spends a good amount of time in deciding which model he should buy for the budget he has set for himself. The car research can be a very overwhelming one, especially if you don’t speak the car language.

You would have often seen automotive terms such as SE, L, LX, LE, etc. on the back of cars. These terms are collectively called the trim level of the cars. Trim levels are the indicators of a car’s model and the features it comes with. Higher trim levels not only signify better and luxurious features but also how expensive it would be to drive the car off the lot.

Each trim level has different feature options. Additionally, many stand-alone options can be purchased to take the feature tally higher. The various options that come standard with each trim level depend heavily on the manufacturer.
Here’s an example to understand things better: Honda may offer a backup camera as a standard option even for their base model, while some Ford models may require you to purchase additional features to get this option. Every manufacturer devises his own set of standard features for the cars he sells.

Some of the standard trim levels of cars are as under:
• L- Entry level grade
• LE- Luxury edition
• S- Sport
• SLE- Sports luxury edition
• XL- Executive luxury
• DX- Deluxe
• CE- Classic edition

When you set out to buy a vehicle of your choice, always look for your desired features. Instead of comparing the model, compare the specifications and features offered in each trim package. For instance, if you are looking for a budget-friendly vehicle, opt for a base level trim package. This would help you in looking beyond the model and thus select a car that best suits your requirements.