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Buying Car For Teen Driver

Buying Car For Teen Driver

Teenage is the period of the adrenaline rush. It is also the period of busy lives due to continuous hopping between school or college, sports center, work and get together of friends and family. Having a car that can take your teen to places will ease out a lot of things and cut down the hassles involved in commuting from one place to another.

As a parent, there are a lot of considerations that you must be considered before letting your lad drive a car on busy routes. Safety, reliability, finances, license, etc. are some of the top considerations that would be popping up in your head in addition to the peace of mind. You’d want to make the most effective decision about the car you should buy whilst teach your teenager a wee bit about the responsibility involved in driving a car. So here is a checklist of all the things that you can keep in your mind while purchasing a car for your teen driver that will help in narrowing down your options:

1. Get an idea of the upfront expenditure

Buying a car involves a good amount of expenses to be made. A little advance financial planning for the same will ease you out with the mammoth of a burden that can follow otherwise. You can always pay the entire cost of the car by using your savings in one go. In such situations, if your child is below 18 years of age, you will be the legal owner of the car. Once your child attains the legal age of driving, you can always transfer the ‘Owner’ title onto him.

If you are seeking a loan to make the purchase and your kid is under 18 years of age, the loan will be sanctioned and approved in your name. All the payments will be taken care of by you. In fact, even at the age of 18, you will be signing the binding contract for car loan since in most cases the 18-year-old lads do not have a credit history that can help them in seeking a loan from banks and other financial institutions. One thing that you need to bear in your mind is that you will be in charge of all the payments involved and any failure in the same can hamper your credit score.

2. Finding a Car for the Teen

The first thing that you should consider during the process of buying a car for your kid is deciding whether you should buy a new car or a second hand one. Well, there is no right answer to this! It all boils down to a few factors like the amount that you are willing to shell out for the purchase of the car, the likelihood of your child taking care of the car he possesses, etc.

Before making a choice, one needs to weigh the factors involved in purchasing a new car or an old one. A new car is relatively expensive with higher insurance rates. However, the reliability of a new car is uncompromised and the maintenance costs are also low. On the other hand, a used car can save you quite a fortune. The maintenance costs are relatively higher and the prior performance of the car needs to be checked with. It is an important indicator of the reliability of the car.

Once your preferences align with the factors discussed above, you will be able to zero down on the right car for your teenager. If you decide to buy a second-hand car, make sure you purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle. It might be a bit more expensive but will also come with an extended warranty period.

3. List Down the Driving Rules for Your Teen

One of the major causes of accidents and eventual deaths on roads is the driver’s decision of not abiding with the driving rules. No matter how safe the roads are, if your child does not stick to the rules, he can also become prey to motor crashes. This is why laying the driving rules in front of your child is imperative before letting him get his hands on the car.

Tell your child to wear seat belts and ask him to ensure that every other person with him in the car wears a seat belt. Drinking while driving is a big No-No and make sure your child abides by that. Also, it is very important for children to know that using mobile phones, eating or applying makeup while driving is prohibited under law.

There are a lot of listed driving schools that can help the child in learning about the Dos and Donts of driving. If possible, you can also send your child for driving lessons. Additionally, consider sitting besides your child when he drives during the initial few months. This will help you in getting an idea of his driving style and you can also help him with a few driving tips on the go!

4. Buy a Right Sized Car and Get it Insured Before the Child Starts Driving

Children don’t really need giant SUVs right at the start of the driving experience. A medium-sized car or a hatchback is the perfect car to start with. These sedans are neither too small nor too big and also offer good safety features, so why not opt for them?

After having purchased the car of your choice, get in insured. If you already have an insurance policy in the name of your child, adding car insurance can lead to increased annual premiums. The premiums also increase as you buy him the car and add it to your insurance policy. However, the latter is a relatively cheaper way of getting the car insured.

5. Fix the Fuel Expenses Initially and Monitor the Car Performance

As it is the first time that your kid will get his hands on the car, you can always monitor the way and number of miles he drives by keeping a check at the monthly fuel expenses and car’s performance. This will help you to know how responsible your child is when he drives on the roads. There are a lot of mobile applications as well that can help you in tracking how the car treads on roads. Sometimes, technology does help in a big way!

Getting your teenager his first car can be the most exhilarating yet a daunting experience where you do not want to go wrong at any step. With the factors discusses above, you will be able to make the right choice of car for your child and later set out for a drive with him for an enjoyable experience.