Buy A Pre-owned Car Online in Memphis TN, Easier & Faster

Preowned Car Dealership in Memphis TN

A lot has changed in recent times. We have greatly deviated from our usual routines, stricter hygiene, move towards self-isolation and constant badgering over social distancing have become more of a norm nowadays – “the new normal” as so eloquently defined. The spread of the pandemic Coronavirus has made handling daily chores exceptionally difficult for the common man and businesses large or small. When it comes to buying used cars in Memphis, dealerships like Auto Universe are now offering enhanced services to assist buyers in these unprecedented times. A preowned car dealership in Memphis TN – Auto Universe – is supporting customers with the incredible buy from home options. All paperwork and necessary formalities relating to the sale of used cars sale in Memphis TN are managed by the dealership online or at home. With extra sanitization in place, and engaging the customers through virtual test drives, your purchased vehicle is delivered at your driveway in a safe and hassle-free manner. Visit and scan through the huge inventory to make your choice.

Let’s discuss a few ways to ensure a great car buying experience online while rightly maintaining social distancing.


Yes, we agree that being physically present is the key to learning better about your ride. However, keeping in view the current scenario, it is always a better idea to choose your ride online. There is a huge variety of used cars for sale in Memphis at Auto Universe and the entire range is available online on the website for your convenience. Doing good research online ahead of time could help in narrowing your top picks and best, you save a lot of time too. Detailed information on every car along with specifications and quality endorsements are available online for your consideration. The aim is that when you contact the pre-owned car dealership in Memphis TN, you spend less time pondering and make decisions easily. Your car is delivered at your driveway once the paperwork and formalities are taken care of and there is also an option for no payments up to 120 days for qualifying customers*.


Once you have made a choice, contact Auto Universe and discuss the model and configuration you are interested in, you can always refer to the online inventory to confirm the details. You will be able to easily get an upfront offer from Auto Universe and also iron out as many details as you wish through digital interaction.


At Auto Universe, you can request a virtual test drive of your favorite pre-owned luxury car in Memphis TN from the safety of your home. Our technology is incredible, during the virtual test drive, you would be able to experience fine-tuned details of the car digitally and this would give you a near realistic feel of the drive as you enjoy the digital ride safely indoors. Vehicle video walkthroughs ensure that you become a fully satisfied customer. Go ahead, try us out today.


Buying a used luxury car in Memphis is like making a dream come true. Auto Universe can help you with your financial requirements, all you need to do is fill a form at and our experts would quickly get in touch with you. We always try to ensure a seamless experience and most of our works are online now. We can help you with the paperwork so you get your car at your driveway in no time.

We care for your safety and make it a priority. This is why we ensure that your exposure outdoors is minimized in every way possible. We try to use disposable single-use barriers on the primary contact areas of the vehicle – steering wheel, seats, door handles, etc. With the online transition nowadays, the number of people at the dealership has been lessened as well. Proper protocols for total sanitization are followed at all times when you buy from the pre-owned car dealership in Memphis TN – Auto Universe. Do not worry, contact us today and you can still get your favorite ride delivered at your driveway easily.