Why Is Buying A Pre-Owned Lexus In Memphis A Good Option?

Pre-Owned Lexus In Memphis TN

Lexus is a reliable luxury car brand known for its classiness, beauty, and performance. While a new one can be out of the budget, you can surely get your hands on a pre-owned one. If you dream of owning the world’s top-rated luxury car without paying a luxury price, then buying a pre-owned car dealership in Memphis TN would be a wise choice. Here’s why you should choose a pre-owned Lexus rather than a new one.

1. Longevity and Safety

Safety is the most crucial element of any vehicle. You should be at peace of your mind from the safety aspect when behind the wheels. Lexus, designed with high-quality engineering, is both luxurious and reliable from the safety point of view. It has a unique safety feature of the pre-collision system that detects any frontal collision and alerts the driver through audio and visual stimuli, preventing the accident by applying brakes. That apart, it has intelligent high-beams, lane assistance, and dynamic radar cruise control to give you a complete sense of security while driving.

2. Greater residual value

The residual value of a car is the estimated price that your vehicle will be worth when you sell it. Compared to other luxurious pre-owned luxury cars in Memphis, Lexus holds a high residual value for many years as it does not depreciate as much as other brands do. Whether a Lexus is a decade or a few years old, it retains its value for a long time due to the high technology used in manufacturing and quality parts. So, a pre-owned Lexus bought from the auto car dealership in Memphis will fetch you a considerable amount of money as it will hold excellent resale value.

3. Low overall risk

Buying a pre-owned Lexus will give you an advantage over the new purchase. This is because, any issues or repairs arising, would have been corrected and repaired before getting the car to you. Also, Lexus stands the test of time better than the other cars both in terms of value and luxury. Hence, the overall risk is less with buying a pre-owned Lexus in Memphis TN.

4. Affordable prices

While you may manage to afford a new luxury car with a hefty price tag, you may have to let go of all the latest features that you always wanted. However, in the case of pre-owned Lexus in Memphis, you will get a highly upgraded car with all the latest features in an affordable price range.

So, if you are looking to buy a pre-owned car, familiarize yourself with broad choices and price range available in Lexus at Auto Universe, the best Lexus used car dealership in Memphis TN. We will talk through your preferences and help you to make an informed decision.

Tale Of A Pre-owned Infiniti QX80 in Memphis TN

Pre-Owned Luxury Car Dealership in Memphis TN

Let’s dream this together… your peerless Infiniti bought from the pre-owned luxury car Dealership in Memphis TN, parked on a hilltop with the rising sun in the background. The mesmerizing appeal of that strong athletic face, the angular chrome accent grille, and the squared-off jawline mark the fresh front fascia. Frozen in awe, your gaze fixed on that behemoth of the machine on wheels, you wonder at this marvel of human creation.

You are on a road trip, uphill for a change. The gargantuan Infiniti QX80 is your best pal as you cruise along the tricky roadway to your destination paradise. The wide hood adds to the visual lift and the Infiniti’s sharp curves make up for its commanding presence as you start driving. The incredible beast compliments you in every way possible. Your Infiniti QX80 is the perfect blend of luxury and power. You are nested in the driver’s seat, your hands firmly gripping the magnificent steering wheel that provides the softest touch and incredible breathability for mind-blowing comfort in heat or cold. WOW! You are shielded from the elements as the noise-insulating glass ensures peace and serenity, beating the harsh realities of the hilly terrain outside. The QX80’s roomy interiors are crafted around sight, sound and touch. Making yourself comfortable, you drive while appreciating materials and rich textures around you that create a space of seamless elegance.

Indeed, Bon Voyage! Life is so much more fun when you are in an Infiniti. You quickly make yourself comfortable lauding the power adjustments, and those heated and cooling front row seats deserve a round of applause. Your pre-owned luxury car in Memphis TN – Infiniti QX80 keeps rolling, you seated comfortably amidst perfection. The captain’s chairs with optional heating offer a ton of leg space too and the shaped contours of seats in the third row are simply exceptional. Best, these power recline too.

A cruise naturally inspires the musician within, after all, the brilliant engineering aspires to move the human spirit! The marvelous Apple CarPlay functionality swings into action as a melody of the guitar and the harmonica springs out of those neatly-crafted surround speakers and behold, it’s good ole Willie Nelson. Your music becomes more captivating than ever with the 17 speakers charged with Bose® Performance Audio. Your journey through nature has just become even more fabulous. The incredible navigation and lane guidance work like a charm as you traverse the mountainous terrain. Best, the dual 8-inch screens enable independent entertainment for passengers. It feels great to bring all the entertainment along, doesn’t it?

The most vital aspect of a vehicle – safety – comes naturally to an Infiniti. The automatic collision notification feature and the neatly-placed SOS button can help you reach out to a response specialist 24*7. The protected and safe cabin ensures a worry-free drive. Your Infiniti is surely a ride par excellence. The smart rearview mirror in the ProASSIST package seamlessly transforms the mirror into an LCD that integrates with a wide-angle and a high-resolution camera making sure you are safe all the way. When you park or maybe take a break, the Around View Monitor with object detection enables cutting-edge technology to make parking your QX80 a lot easier. Your Infiniti QX80 is loaded with features, experience the game-changing technology in action.

When you buy from Auto Universe, you can be assured of mindblowing quality that lasts. Come, experience the greatness of the Infiniti QX80 and take home your dream car today. We have a range of affordable pre-owned luxury cars in Memphis TN.