Certified Pre-Owned Vs Non- Certified Pre-Owned Car: Which is Better?

When it comes to investing in a pre-owned car, you may find yourself in a dilemma. It is necessary to take a calculated decision to avoid any post-purchase repair problems. The adequate knowledge about a certified pre-owned car and a standard pre-owned car will save you from a lot of troubles.

A certified pre-owned car though priced higher than a standard pre-owned car, is less old and thus more efficient. It gives the utility and satisfaction of every dollar spent on it. Besides, it is more affordable than a new car. Hence, a certified pre-owned car is a great option to fulfill your desire of owning a luxury car. Here is all that you want to know about pre-owned cars in California.

Difference between certified pre-owned car and non- certified pre-owned car

A certified pre-owned car undergoes the following steps:

1. Multi-Point Inspection

This step takes into account the vehicle’s history that makes sure that the car has not been stolen or damaged. The process continues with an examination of every element and system before its declaration as a “Smooth Rider”.

2. Repairs and Warranty

The dealer gets done the repair work of the car following the manufacturer’s specifications. It qualifies as a certified car if it has traveled between 60,000 and 80,000 miles. It comes with an extended warranty from its original date of service and is backed by the original manufacturer. It also comes with several other services including roadside assistance, insurance, and buyback guarantee.

A non-certified pre-owned car offers only the remaining factory warranty, if fully transferable. Besides, there is no inspection and repairs. Despite the leverage of greater control in the buying procedure, its risks are higher than a certified pre-owned car. It is older than a certified one in terms of history, age, and mileage.

Who certifies it?

The dealer certifies the car according to the manufacturer’s requirements. The Certified Pre-owned (CPO) cars must be of the highest quality in mechanical and appearance terms. Low mileage is the basic criterion that qualifies a CPO car. After acquiring the car, the dealer gets it inspected by a factory-certified mechanic. The certification requirement varies according to the manufacturer. If the car meets the set standard after repairing then it is declared as certified, otherwise, it is rejected.

Make a Smart Purchase

If you are still not sure about the purchase, our team at Auto Universe will assist you in making the right choice. Auto Universe ensures that a certified pre-owned car passes the required tests to provide long-lasting service. We make every effort that you get your perfect drive at a reasonable price. Our inspection team verifies the car based on the manufacturer’s standards to deliver the best to you.

Knowing the basic difference now, you are open to exploring the options of certified used luxury cars in California at Auto Universe. Check out our inventory for special offers to avail of special discounts.